Wednesday, May 16, 2018

IoG Reflection

My display board and I ( me looking totally ridiculous)

Images of Greatness was a project we did where we researched someone in history who we believe was/did something great.

  1. My image of greatness was Joseph Smith Jr. I believe he is great because he was tarred and feathered, persecuted, shunned, denied by his wife's parents, nearly had a bottle of acid down his throat, and much more, yet he still kept going. Joseph Smith Jr. founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Back then, and even now, this religion was believed by many to be wrong and ridiculous. They told that to Joseph's face! Yet none of those threats, harsh comments, and persecution stopped him for teaching what he believed right. That's what I admire about him. Especially how he said this "It mattereth not whether the principle is popular or unpopular, I will always maintain a true principle, even if I stand alone in it." That touched my heart. It could go for anything! Like... if people are doing something wrong and they want you to do it, it's not going to be easy if you're the "odd one out", but you should always stand for what you believe in. 
  2. The thing I am most proud of in my work... that's a little hard, but I'm going to say I'm pretty proud of my board because I procrastinated while waiting for inspiration. Then, I was stuck with a design and, though simple, I was pretty proud of it. This is the first tri-fold I've ever made, and I'm really surprised that I didn't mess it up (er... not too bad.)
  3. The most challenging part of this unit was saying my bio riddle in front of my class as we were memorizing it because when I first recited mine, I hate admitting this but, I almost had an anxiety attack because I started skipping things and my brain was going faster than my mouth... Ever have one of those moments? Well, I thought it was a little strange because I can totally do plays and all that, yet I couldn't really recite this poem without freaking out. (which reminds me, Whitney Smith, you did a wonderful job last night! You should be proud to have finished! I just hope you know that you were amazing and that guess what? It's over! I hope that helps.)
  4. I think I grew kind of as a person in this unit because of the person I chose. Joseph Smith Jr. was a really kind and good man. He accepted everyone for who they were. He never thought badly of anyone, maybe disgruntled, but never for long. This kind of pushed me to be just a little more like him- accepting others for their beliefs and forgiving others as well.
  5. I could definitely improve my tri-fold. I felt like it was simple, but not good enough. I mean, Danielle's, Delayne's, Nick's, Grant's, and all of your tri-folds were great! I just felt like mine was... well, it could have been better. If I could've done anything differently, well I would try to make my tri-fold actually look okay. Also, I would probably try and not look like a tiny person in a large suite. I felt like a goofball. Ethan J. said that was a great part, but I felt a little stupid. Oh well, just an ego thing I should probably work on.
  6. Awww yeah! The best part of the 2018 IoG celebration was... Drum roll please............ the food! Actually, that was only part of the best part. I really liked walking around and seeing everyone's exhibits and trying their food. I enjoyed all the foods, but some honorable mentions... Spencer's Dr. Strange Mysterious soup (or whatever it was called), Anna's chocolate bark, Erin's bread rolls, and of course, Grant's cheap person pretzels. I enjoyed pretty much all the food, though! It was amazing! I think everyone did really good, and let me just say that when I got home and went to bed, I was very satisfied.  However, I was a little disappointed because not a lot of people ate my food (which was bread) because they thought "Oh, this person is a religious figure, so obviously this bread is not just bread' or something similar like that, but hey! More for me.
  7. Man, I'm really going to miss our GOAL class.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Des Moines Field Trip Reflection

1.  My favorite part of the trip was really hard to pick because I really enjoyed being with my friends, and having some time out of school and seeing new places, but I'm just going to say the Science Center was one of my favorites, more specifically, the Fire and Ice Demonstration. Chris was so chill and playful with everyone! He was also such a great magician, I mean, even I couldn't disappear like that! Any doubts I had before just... VANISHED! Plus, the demonstrations were so cool and mystifying (for lack of a better word). It was so interesting how he lit those bubbles on fire and his hand was undamaged and he wasn't screaming in pain. I guess you could say, the guy was... on fire the whole time! I loved all of those cool experiments! I was enthralled the whole time, and I really really do appreciate having seen that. 
      2.  My favorite piece of art (or, one of them) was Nick Cave's Rescue which was a large black dog on a swing chair under a wreath of birds and other little creatures. It was so cute! I just love animal masterpieces- as long as they don't show harming animals or anything like that. The best example of art that I found was Gerhard Richler's Landscape. I feel like this is the best example of art because I think this is what art is. Taking something and making it again, or totally going wild and free with your imagination and giving it life. I'm pretty sure everyone is probably going to say "Really, Charity? You got that nonsense from a landscape picture?" Yes. Yes, I did. It just, spoke to me I guess.
And now, the award for why the heck is this garbage art award goes to... Isamu Noguchi and his sculpture Figure! I mean seriously, it is so senseless and boring. It just... has no meaning whatsoever. Maybe to Isamu, it did but for me, I see this as trash that has been taken out yet. And finally, time for my celebrity recognition, I honestly only recognized one: Pablo Picasso. I felt so kind of embarrassed that I only knew one of the probably hundreds of artists in there. I guess I just need to get even deeper into the world of art!
     3. I feel like the most educational part of the trip was the science center...(apparently that was the part that I remember the most) It was fun, yet educational at the same time! It was interactive and taught you while you played or made something. One thing I learned from there is that... uh... what I learned in boating school is... (sorry if you don't get the reference) anyways, something I learned is that there are laureates for people who help the world with solving hunger! I didn't know that. 
4.  The most fun part of the trip was really hard to choose because a lot of it was fun, in fact almost all of it was fun! I guess one of my favorite parts was on the bus ride back home, Grant, Kaylee, Spencer, and I were playing Love Letter, which is a card game about getting your letter of love to the princess. You hold one card in your hand and that card has a person on it and that is who you are. There are different people you can get, and one of them is the princess, which you don't want to be because if you were to discard that card, you'd be out, so it's really easy to lose with that card (sorry if none of this makes sense). Grant just so happened to keep on getting the Princess. Every. Single. Time. His first card would almost always be the princess, and it was so hilarious! It really made my day to watch him struggle. Uhm, but I have to admit Grant, I might have stacked the deck... twice... Anyways... Next question!
5.  I think this trip fits the theme "Images of Greatness" because we saw things based off of images of greatness, like artists and people from The World Prize who have helped people deal with hunger.  Plus, we saw a past GOAL student, and how she is currently very successful in her school career. All the places we visited-besides ZB and the Spaghetti place- all had past people that did- or are doing- great things.
6.  I honestly have no real way to improve this field trip. I enjoyed most of it! I have to admit, the World Food Prize was really boring because the information was just dribbling out of his mouth like a slow and steady river. Other than that, though, I really loved it!
Thanks Mrs. Edlin for taking us on this trip!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Independent Project: Sleepwalking

  • 1) My topic is sleepwalking. My project is just about how sleep walking works, what sleepwalking is, how do you know if someone is sleepwalking, how should you deal with a sleepwalker, what can cause it, etc. I decided to put it in a google slides presentation because I had to go to my grandma and grandpa's house (in Utah!) for two weeks on the first day that we started working on making our projects and I felt like this would be easiest to use since I was familiar with it.
  • 2) What I liked most about my project is number one, the topic, and two, the pictures, all drawn by yours truly! I've always loved to learn about mental diseases, sicknesses, etc. However, sleepwalking has always been a big one because everyone in my family has slept walk, however, I'm basically the only one who does anymore. Sleepwalking is also just funny and really interesting! I also like the pictures because they actually mean something to me because I drew them! 
  • 3) I'd have to say the hardest part of this project was drawing the actual pictures because I had to draw them with a mouse. It's really hard to do that (I'm getting better!)because it's so different from drawing with a pen or pencil. Especially with coloring. I honestly just gave up on the coloring because it was just taking up wayyy to much time!
  • 4) Well, I learned I needed to be more patient because a lot of the different websites had the exact/ nearly the same pieces of information! It was really getting to me, but then I just kept waiting and trying different uses of words.
  • 5) If I could do this whole thing over again and change something, it would probably be my art because it's really bad and rushed. I bet some people are probably like, "Wow. This stinks," I know it probably does, but that was my only choice because there are NO pictures for what I needed. Maybe I would change my art to actual pictures on the internet. Oh well, that's what I think anyways.
  • I hope you guys like! PS REM stands for rapid eye movement!

Friday, January 5, 2018

My One Word

              My one word for our one word project is emotion. Our one word project is where we all picked one word that will help us in 2018. One word that would remind us of our goals and help us. I originally was going to choose something simple like "feelings", but then I wanted to go a little deeper and sound smarter, so I thought of emotions. I chose emotion because lately, being in middle school and having to go through the teenage development thing called puberty and at the same time, dealing with friendships and school is a roller coaster of emotions. Emotions that I don't really understand or sometimes even want! Plus, my emotions- in my opinion- kind of make us who we are. This year I want- and maybe even will- to connect more with my emotions and understand them better. Emotion just seems like the right word for what my goals are, they just all somehow can deal with emotion. I don't have too many goals for this year, but for me, they're going to be a little hard because they put me outside of my comfort zone. Emotion is just the perfect word to remind me of them.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


1)      I feel like this piece is my best because it is fiction and writing fiction is something I enjoy, and I hope you like this, too. P.S. This is about rabbits.
          9/28/17- Clover nibbled on the grass just outside of her burrow. Her thoughts were on nothing in particular as this was a fine morning and she had no intentions to ruin it. The sky above her was a splash of pale blue and yellow with a hint of pink, making it seem like an unfinished water color painting. There were no clouds in the sky and the sun took advantage and shone its bright and gentle rays upon the land. Clover yawned and hopped over to a patch of dandelions when she suddenly heard a series of loud paw-steps. Thump. Thumpity-thump-thump-thumpity! "Clover!Clover!" tiny voices called out. Clover let out a sigh. Oh boy, here comes the quaking quadruplets. Four small rabbits burst through the hole and they created a circle around her.
          "Good morning, Clover!" they chanted. "Good morning, quadruplets," she groaned. At least it was a good morning until you four had to come. The four rabbits (two females, two males) were called Poppy, Nutski (the girls), Thistle, and Ginger (the boys). They were very mischievous. Once, they had accidentally guided a large and hefty tabby cat to the warren (Of course, the cat had followed them without the small creatures' knowing). It took a while, but the warren finally managed to fight it off. Clover  tried to walk away from them, but the quadruplets followed her. "Why don't you all have your own adventures?" she asked, annoyed. It's not like I didn't have any plans.
"Our mum said that we should be to hang out with you!" Nutski giggled. Clover groaned. Their mother was the chief's mate, so Clover had to do what they said in order to avoid contention with the chief rabbit. "Fine..." she said grudgingly. She searched through her mind for a scheme that wouldn't be too dangerous and too hard for them to handle. Then, she knew.
"We're going to get lettuce from Collister Farm.
The end... for now.

2) Okay, next up is something that gets on my nerves.
9/25/17- Something that really gets on my nerves is how people, whenever we're up high, they pretend to fall or jump off. It annoys and scares me so much! I mean, what if they fall for real?! I'm terrified of heights already. I don't want to get to the point where I don't go to my room anymore because it is on the second floor of my house and it's not straight on the ground! Maybe you can understand? I don't know, I sound a little bit like a worry wort.

I hope that you liked it!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Words of Wisdom

In this project I learned a lot. I was able to learn some of the things that other people have learned. I took a lot of these quotes into my life. They made me realize some things that I had been doing and I really shouldn't because it's silly. I'm so glad we were able to do this project because I was also able to interact with people I haven't talked to in awhile! This project really opened my eyes. Thank you Mrs. Edlin!

Friday, March 17, 2017

History Day Reflection

      Our project for history day was a performance on Napoleon Bonaparte. We described his achievement in uniting most of Europe with France even though he hated it. We went through the topics of his childhood, war and revolution, and his personal life. This is a link to the script: . Next, what I liked most about our project was putting it into a performance. I liked this because it felt unique and interesting how we were putting someone else's life into a play for an entire audience. I really also kind of like the challenge that came with it, as in figuring things out and how we'd slip them into the play. 
       Two things that I learned about our topic (Napoleon Bonaparte) is that he had a fear of open doors and France made it illegal to name a pig Napoleon out of respect. This interests me because it shows how respected Napoleon was even though he had an odd fear. It showed me that even powerful people are scared of something! Next, the hardest part of this project was memorizing the entire play! I think this because I don't have the best memory and so this was tough! Especially how I had the school play going on at the same time. I was learning two plays at once. It was a challenge, but I've come over it. 
      I improved as a learner by learning to calm down and try again. This helps me as a learner because if I am trying to learn something and I just keep getting frustrated, I won't really get anywhere. But, if I keep trying and each time I learn a little bit more and take it slow, then I'll be able to improve! Learning about Napoleon and arguing with fellow teammates has taught me this valuable trait as a learner. 
     I would like to improve on our "quality". Right now we aren't doing so hot on switching scenes and stuff like that. Especially with changing our costumes during certain things. I feel if we can smooth out the bumps just a bit more, we would impress our audience even more. Anyways, the thing I am most proud of in our project is how we actually made a decent play! I thought we would end up not finishing in time and even if we did it would only be like two minutes and the audience would just regret every. Single. Second.But we actually scrapped together an interesting performance that I can't wait to put on.
      Our topic relates to this year's theme because it tells how Napoleon took a stand for the people of Corsica! it shows how he stood up to the government and threw it over and became a modern hero because he united everyone! And it all comes in a performance. I feel we really actually might have shown how Napoleon united us!
     In the end, I have something to say to future students who will partake in this: DON'T MESS AROUND AND ARGUE WITH YOUR GROUP THE WHOLE PERIOD! All this will do is eat up your precious time and make you more reluctant to work with your group. Chin up now pip pip!

Monday, October 3, 2016


And they lived happily ever after...
Or did they? I mean, when we first watched the educational video on Taming of the Shrew, I thought Kate would be tamed and they'd live happy forever and ever.
But then, we watched it and then I was like, I don't really think she can ever be truly tamed. I mean, all those mean things she said to him like, I'll say what I want and that she'd hang him on the day they were supposed to be wed! I mean, I think she has calmed down a bit and realized that she can't always have her way. I'm thinking that she also realized how to "play" Petruchio's little "game."  But I still think that at times she will still be stubborn Kate, but not as much. So I say she hasn't been fully tamed.

When Mrs. Edlin announced we were going to be studying Shakespeare, I was a little hesitant to be happy about it. What I thought was: "We have to study an old guy who died hundreds of years ago? We have to study all his confusing plays?" Let's just I wasn't exactly happy about it. When we learned that we would be studying The Taming of the Shrew I grew interested because I'd never heard of it before. So when the day came that we were to watch the video with Morgan Freeman, I prepared for being bored. But it wasn't what I expected. It seemed like a comedic play. I started to take more interest. Next, we started to act out some parts. I thought all we would do is read some lines and just not understand anything, then we'd just nod our heads and say, "Oh um, yeah I've got it I think." But I absolutely loved the books! I really appreciated how they translated what the actors were saying! It made a lot more sense and made it even more hilarious to know what they were saying. So at this point in time I was actually more excited about Shakespeare. Then FINALLY they day came when we were to watch it, and I was pumped!! The movie was hilarious!! I enjoyed every bit and I just fell in love with it. When the movie ended, I could feel my interest in Shakespeare widen. ESPECIALLY with their NECK DOUGHNUTS. I wonder if they were like life jackets, for your neck? (Maybe one day we'll find out). Anyway, my interest has grown in Shakespeare and this has made me yearn for more! Thanks Shakespeare!

I think we should learn about Shakespeare four hundred years later so that our generation can learn from him. So that our generation can be inspired by his poems and plays! His plays and poems can open our minds and can possibly make us understand Shakespeare. He can teach us some important life lessons, too. If we learn about Shakespeare, maybe then we can solve some mysteries like how he died (Like if work harder to find out). I think that if people learn about him, our generation will understand where some words come from. I think we could learn a lot from Shakespeare, even 400 years after his death.

Friday, August 26, 2016

2016-2017 1st Blog Post

~An academic goal I have for this year is to get straight A's. This important because if you get C's or D's or F's (even B's) only, then you aren't really getting anywhere. I mean, a few B's are okay, but A's are awesome and help you reach a future goal.
~My behavior goal is is to behave appropriately (I mean I haven't ever behaved un appropriately, but I have been snapped after once or twice).  I really would like to try and not get snapped at, at all.
~An improvement goal I have is to be more organized. I tend to shove every paper I get into a random place in my binder. This is (of course) is not a good habit, because I lost quite a few papers, and either eventually found them, or lost them forever in my ocean of random papers. This year I will try to improve my organization.

IoG Reflection

My display board and I ( me looking totally ridiculous) Images of Greatness was a project we did where we researched someone in history...