Friday, March 17, 2017

History Day Reflection

      Our project for history day was a performance on Napoleon Bonaparte. We described his achievement in uniting most of Europe with France even though he hated it. We went through the topics of his childhood, war and revolution, and his personal life. This is a link to the script: . Next, what I liked most about our project was putting it into a performance. I liked this because it felt unique and interesting how we were putting someone else's life into a play for an entire audience. I really also kind of like the challenge that came with it, as in figuring things out and how we'd slip them into the play. 
       Two things that I learned about our topic (Napoleon Bonaparte) is that he had a fear of open doors and France made it illegal to name a pig Napoleon out of respect. This interests me because it shows how respected Napoleon was even though he had an odd fear. It showed me that even powerful people are scared of something! Next, the hardest part of this project was memorizing the entire play! I think this because I don't have the best memory and so this was tough! Especially how I had the school play going on at the same time. I was learning two plays at once. It was a challenge, but I've come over it. 
      I improved as a learner by learning to calm down and try again. This helps me as a learner because if I am trying to learn something and I just keep getting frustrated, I won't really get anywhere. But, if I keep trying and each time I learn a little bit more and take it slow, then I'll be able to improve! Learning about Napoleon and arguing with fellow teammates has taught me this valuable trait as a learner. 
     I would like to improve on our "quality". Right now we aren't doing so hot on switching scenes and stuff like that. Especially with changing our costumes during certain things. I feel if we can smooth out the bumps just a bit more, we would impress our audience even more. Anyways, the thing I am most proud of in our project is how we actually made a decent play! I thought we would end up not finishing in time and even if we did it would only be like two minutes and the audience would just regret every. Single. Second.But we actually scrapped together an interesting performance that I can't wait to put on.
      Our topic relates to this year's theme because it tells how Napoleon took a stand for the people of Corsica! it shows how he stood up to the government and threw it over and became a modern hero because he united everyone! And it all comes in a performance. I feel we really actually might have shown how Napoleon united us!
     In the end, I have something to say to future students who will partake in this: DON'T MESS AROUND AND ARGUE WITH YOUR GROUP THE WHOLE PERIOD! All this will do is eat up your precious time and make you more reluctant to work with your group. Chin up now pip pip!

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